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Car Rider Traffic Flow & Changes


The first update is the entrance and exit of the car rider drop-off & pick-up area. The diagram to the below shows the new entrance as the first gate coming from GDOE Administrative Offices and the Guam Police Department. The second gate will now be the exit leading to the two exit routes on Security Road which are noted below.


Due to the after-effects of Typhoon Mawar, a portion of the Tiyan road way is now closed off due to the establishment of the debris site. While we cannot control the traffic that may occur, we can provide alternative routes to mitigate the traffic until all roadways are operational again.


In anticipation, below is a diagram notating the entrance to the campus, the exits, and alternative exit points. After exiting the new exit gate of the car rider section, drivers may take one of two routes:

1. Left on Security Road to Neptune Road (along the United Airplane Hangers) or; 

2. Right on Security Road to Seagull Avenue (along the entrance roads for Tiyan High & SIFALACS).  These options will allow the smoothest flow of traffic for all drivers.

Car Rider Gate Change.png
Entrances & Exit Routes.png
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