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Student Testimonials

Christiana N. Aguigui

The staff and teachers taught me to be respectful, responsible and safe. At Guahan Academy charter school; it is a very diverse school with so many different cultures that allowed us to get to know how each culture showed respect to one another. They have encouraged me to do the best that I can do, and to not give up because there is always a solution to every  problem. As for being safe they taught us how to look out for one another, and that is what Guahan Academy Charter School enabled me to become, which was a model citizen of society.    


Class of 2017

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Mikaila Cuasito

As a student who went from school to school trying to adapt to everything, it was never easy for me. It was never easy to make friends and get along with everyone in that environment but at Guahan Academy, everyone got along no matter the culture or race. I have always been an anti-social butterfly, but the environment here changed that entirely for me. I am now a college student at the University of Guam, pursuing a career that involves A LOT of interactions. Nothing is ever perfect, and your struggles are always going to be there regardless of where you go but at Guahan Academy we are encouraged to push through with anything and everything even at our weakest points by our staff and teachers. Guahan Academy Charter School enabled me to become a very outspoken person to further pursue my biggest dreams. 


Class of 2019

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Logan Concepcion

"It's a very small school so everyone is close and the atmosphere is very family like, which makes you look forward to going to school and seeing your friends and staff.


Class of 2021

Michelle Leyaroftiul

GACS, home of the Starfish, also  my second home, I say with pride that this institution has helped me achieve some of my goals through my middle to high school years.. GACS will always have a place in my heart, they have taught  me more then just the education part. They taught me to be a better version of myself also to be responsible, respectful, and to always strive for lifelong success!! And for that I am thankful because I wouldn’t be what I am as of today. And so therefore I am proud to be and forever will be a starfish!!  

~Biba GACS⭐️


Class of 2020

Eveluck, Jenry.jpg

While at Guahan Academy I learned the importance of community which was something that was really hard to find in schools with a bigger populace. Being a small school, it made it much easier to feel more comfortable and easier for not only the students but also the teachers to target each student's needs and any hindrances that may come forth. In simpler words, this school felt more like family than just an educational institution. Thanks to this school I was able to break out of my comfort zone and mature past many of my childish tendencies, so thank you all very much for that.

The One and Only

Jenry Eveluck


Class of 2021

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